What we look for in companies

  • We only invest in Internet ventures. We have a strong interest in Fintech, SaaS, Big Data, and Marketplaces. We will also look at other sectors but only opportunistically
  • We are focused on Latin America ex-Brazil
  • Companies must have at least 1 year of operations with KPIs. It is important for us to see that the entrepreneur has been methodical in tracking what works in his business
  • Companies must have at least 6 months of recurring revenues. There's no better proof of product/market fit than people willing to pay for the service/product
  • A complete Founding team: a founder responsible for the technology and a founder that takes care of the business side
  • A founding team that is obsessed with making their venture succeed - no part-time entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs must own their technology
  • We do not invest in businesses whose revenues come from government sources